The Truth Behind the Online Survey Money Machine

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Published: 03rd November 2010
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The Truth Behind the Online Survey Money Machine :There's always a reason to look for a way to make extra money. Having trouble paying bills, wanting or needing a new house or car, getting married, having a child, having someone in your family come down with an illness. These are all reasons, amongst many others, that would cause you to need extra money.

As long as the internet has been an easily accessible resource in our homes, then making money by taking online surveys has been a way for people to earn that extra cash. Unfortunately, too many people believe think that the business of taking surveys automatically translates in some sort of survey money machine, like a sort of cyber ATM. You put the survey in, and the money comes out.

Many people know that this is the belief that has grown up around paid surveys, and because of that, new scams abound just waiting to take advantage. They encourage you to pay them in order to get a "secret list" of survey companies that need your valued opinions so badly, they are willing to pay top dollar for them.

That's not how it actually works. Survey companies approach payments in many different ways. While some do actually pay you real currency, others award "money" that is redeemed for gift cards and vouchers, while still others give you points that can be traded in for sweepstakes entries or prizes.

Regardless of the manner in which survey companies award you for your jobs completing survey, the truth is that taking online surveys for money will never allow you to quit your day job. Surveys don't pay a lot, and regardless of what each surveys pay, you often won't qualify to take all the surveys that have been sent to you.

What this means is that you will be invited to take a certain amount of surveys, and before you complete the survey, you will be stopped and told that due to an answer you have given you no longer qualify for the survey, and you will not be paid for taking it, even if you have completed ten minutes of a fifteen minute survey.

This does not make the survey company a scam. Market research companies are just looking for such a specific demographic when doing their research, that one answer could easily make your survey ineligible for the study. It's just a part of the survey game.

So, while taking online surveys may not be quite the survey money machine you thought it was, marketing companies still do want your valued opinions, and will still pay you for them. As long as you fit their criteria exactly.

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